La Cantera Jungle Lodge - Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, 3370, Argentina

Ice bar Iguazu

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IceBar IguazĂș is a unique ice bar in the world for its unimaginable position: missionary jungle, a wild link between high temperatures and lush vegetation outside with the freezing weather inside the ice bar.

Everything inside is made of ice icebar, bar walls, furniture, and mobile sculptures representing the fauna of the region.

Sculptors from all over the country leave their stamp on the various ice sculptures which complete the incredible scenery.

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La Cantera Jungle Lodge
Ruta 12 km 5
Puerto Iguazu, Misiones, 3370, Argentina
Call: 54 11 5236-9094 / + 54 3757 493016


La Cantera Jungle Lodge

La Cantera Jungle Lodge was carefully built preserving the environment and having the least impact possible. In the 3 hectares of the facilities there are trees of over 400 years old (Purging cassia tree) and others which are protected because they are endangered species (Rosewood). Our Lodge is featured to be an innovating, exclusive proposal and to provide first class services bringing us closer to each passenger. Ideal for vacations, romantic trips, honeymoons, corporate resting, incentive trips, family reunions, relax and adventure in Misiones Jungle.